Considering Diamond Rings for Your Engagement

They are beautiful, are often rare, and represent pure decadence and something truly amazing. We could be talking about nothing other than diamonds. From diamond rings to diamond pendants, there are many reasons why diamonds are a girls best friend. Here are our top picks why this stunning gem has won the heart of the fairer sex many times over. So where could someone begin with their look for an engagement ring? Well, obviously someone could just head to the jewelry store to acquire one of these. They sell rings all things considered, right? Well, after having a look at a few of the antique rings which are out there, that might be a major turnoff and cause you to definitely not even consider buying a traditional ring. The first noticeable part of any pearl is its color. Depending on the mollusk, they could come in numerous colors, including pink and yellow, but generally the most popular are white and black. What most determines value and price is quality, shape and also the pureness of the color. Any shades or overtones of secondary colors often lower the worthiness. But after the day when you are aware you’re marrying a jewel itself then money won’t play an important role. An eternity diamond ring celebrates you love and your persistence for each other. It is a onetime investment which help your lady love the happiest women on the planet. When you do locate that perfect ring just be sure you get a certificate along with a receipt as well as it. You could certain that your and search for jewelers that can help you make the correct choice. If you are still confused it’s possible to take your girlfriends friend that may help you choose that beautiful gem. Another option is somewhere online, including eBay or Amazon. It is important to take into account how much feedback owner has. The feedback ratings on eBay and Amazon are wonderful tools that provides buyers an increased degree of confidence when generating large purchases. These websites offer endless alternatives for rings. Some people are certainly not comfortable purchasing jewelry web that is certainly understandable.

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World Famous Milliner Philip Treacy to Design Engagement Ring Collection for Voltaire Diamonds. Dublin, Ireland London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) October 18, 2012 This week in news, individuals will see Philip Treacy teaming up with Voltaire Diamonds in order to design an engagement ring collection. This special engagement ring collection will be sold by the one and only VoltaireDiamonds. Philip Treachy is the world’s most visionary milliner. This will be an exclusive collection of individual diamond engagement rings that will come with matching wedding bands. They are being designed by Philip Treacy and created by VoltaireDiamonds.ie craftsman. This exclusive collection of engagement rings will officially launch in early 2013 (just in time for Valentine’s Day). Each one of the rings will come with their very own stylish presentation box. Each set of the rings can be purchased separately. The rings will reflect the emotional commitment involved in engagement and marriage. They are working hard to make sure the rings represent emotional symbols of love. Individuals can make appointments in order to view the exclusive design drawings for the Voltaire Diamonds Philip Treacy Collection. Those individuals who wish to own one of these beautiful first edition rings can reserve them in advance. The number of limited edition collection will only be available in the UK and Ireland. Further details will be posted on the company website: http://www.voltairediamonds.ie. Voltaire Diamonds are engagement ring specialists. Seamus Fahy started Voltaire Diamonds back in 2006. They create diamond rings and beautiful jewelry pieces. Seamus Fahy is a former commodities and oil trader. Mr. Fahy turned to gemstones and precious metals when he first established his growing bespoke business. The new design collaboration with Philip Treacy will add to the special design cachet that Volataire brand offers. Volataire Diamonds offers it all, from Engagement rings London to Engagement rings Dublin and even Engagement Rings Ireland. About Volataire Diamonds Volataire Diamonds was founded in 2006 by Seamus Fahy. Philip Treacy is teaming up with Volataire Diamonds to design an exclusive engagement ring collection. Seamus Fahy Voltaire Diamonds 0035314421098

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Diamond engagement rings
In the present times, diamond engagement rings have acquired immense attention all over the world. The line of ornaments has become famous for inclusion in various special occasions. In fact, these are considered as a symbol of love and commitment. Prices of diamond jewellery tend to vary depending upon its colour, cut, carat and clarity. Having intricate knowledge of these essential factors ensures that you can determine the most appropriate ring for purchase. This helps understand the value of the jewellery piece as well the design of the structure. The side stones embedded on the facet of the ring together completes the look that is achieved.

Antique engagement rings
The antique line of engagement rings provides a classic and unique look. Most women in the present times prefer wearing unique jewellery pieces and the antique collection of these rings are quite inexpensive when compared to the trendy, modern designs. The antique engagement ring collection is available in various designs, shapes, hues and sizes that fit both your needs and budget as well. The Victorian range of classic rings for engagement is set in yellow gold. You can also purchase solitaire rings with sapphires in platinum or rose cut diamond. One of the most popular rings in the line is made of fancy colourful stones and gems.

White gold engagement rings
These rings are made from various kinds of metals to even pure gold. This collection of rings is quite popular now since it is harder and more durable materials than traditional gold. The best part of the range is that it matches the various attires making them enhance every embellishment. Diamond ring studded in white gold is also gaining immense recognition from women suiting their personality and age. These are available in various designs however the round cut is rather expensive as the style is difficult to achieve.

Voltaire Diamonds the Irish owned diamond and precious gemstone jewellery company has recently launched its new website, www.voltairediamonds.ie.

Showcasing the products online has enabled the firm to embark on a competitive pricing strategy offering customers savings of up to 25pc on similar high street products.

Seamus Fahy, CEO of Voltaire Diamonds said: “In today’s marketplace, value for money is paramount, by eliminating the typical costs of a retail store such as rent, rates, high staff and stock levels and insurance Voltaire Diamonds can offer a premium product at competitive prices.”

A graduate of Limerick University, Mr Fahy established Voltaire Diamonds when his career as a market trader in commodities and real estate provided him with the opportunity to become involved in the growing gemstones market.

With his trading background and having gained accreditation by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Mr Fahy believes he is “perfectly positioned to deliver the technical and commercial expertise relating to the procurement of precious gemstones.”

The jewels on offer are all handmade, bespoke and finely crafted by some of the world’s finest jewellery designers. “All our diamonds are fully certified giving clients full peace of mind.” Mr Fahy added.

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